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I was commissioned in May 2013 to Produce and write the screenplay for the coming EWTN production with the working title of Journeys of Faith. This mini-series will be part of the Christendom project. It was shot in 7 countries across Europe and the Holy Land. It includes a theologian four leading professors from world renowned Universities who specialize in medieval history. It also has at least 15 drama sequences involving two re-enactment groups.

This series which will run to four episodes will trace and will look at Christianity in Europe and the Middle East across several centuries. We are currently in the last stages of post-production.

The project is now in post-production with TV-LUX of Slovakia

Filming took place last mainly last summer with a small amount of B camera work recently completed .


The production team are:

Michal Benko (Cameraman, editor, animation and graphics), Marek Polacek (Director)

Myself - Stefano Mazzeo (Producer/presenter, screenplay, graphics and illustrations)
I also wish to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped - more info will appear later.

Below are a few photos taken during filming on location more info on this project will follow:  




Sainte-Chapelle (built by St Louis IX)


St James

A hermit playing St James



Filming in the Holy Land


High Mass

High Mass


The series will be screened by EWTN on the 8,9,10 and 11 October 2014

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Work in Progress

The Guardians of the Western Approaches

The Archangels

Design sketches for the painting


Technical Illustrations

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